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Government Relations

Our C & G professionals are skilled and effective at defining issues, identifying legislative champions, building relationships with elected officials for clients, and structuring grassroots advocacy programs. While government relations is multifaceted, we individualize plans for each client, recognizing that bringing all of these resources to bear is vital to your success.

Together, we’ll navigate the political landscape and elected official relationships to meet your goals.


Our team has effectively worked with clients to change, influence, or maintain policies and programs that are pivotal to their work. Lobbying professionals are on the ground in Harrisburg every day to stay on top of evolving issues, tracking legislative efforts, and delving into executive actions that are of importance to you.


Services are specifically targeted to your needs as an individual. No matter the need, our team can help – from providing advice and assistance related to government programs and funding, to identification and strategic consulting related to development of new programs or funding streams, and even navigation of governmental processes to meet regulatory and legislative goals. C & G wants to be your partner.

Policy Work

Our team begins with developing a strategic plan to meet each client’s agenda. Whether executing that plan, or providing stand-alone services, we support clients in a variety of ways including:

  • Coalition Building

  • Legislative and Regulatory Tracking

  • Continual Updates on General Assembly Actions and Work

  • Monitoring of Policy and Legislative Developments

  • Increasing Support and Development of Alliances for Priorities

  • Direct Communication with Appointed and Elected Officials to Further Agenda

  • Lobby and Represent Client Interests

  • Set Up Meetings with Relevant Legislators, Staff

  • Issue Management, Advocacy and Grassroots Collateral

  • Provide Grassroots Support

  • Legislative Research and Drafting of Bills, Amendments

Economic Development

Clients are often seeking assistance in securing funding for capital projects, programmatic needs, or more. Our C & G economic development professionals have worked in this space for decades, assisting clients with the creation of funding strategies to secure grants and incentives that are tailored to their organization and projects.


An important component of any funding strategy is understanding and engaging the appropriate elected officials, staff, and key decision makers to ensure that they are aware of and informed of our projects. C & G has excellent working relationships with departments and agencies at the state and local level, as well as bipartisan connections with local and state government. In collaboration with our communications and policy team, we work side-by-side with our clients to craft a funding strategy including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Identification of funding sources at the local and state level that are applicable to our client’s needs and projects;

  • Relationship building with key decision makers and elected officials to inform and educate them of client initiatives; and

  • Application to public funding programs and necessary lobbying support.


Our team sets us apart, but so does the work that we do for clients’ around successful funding efforts.


From application to the necessary lobbying support, creation of budgets and cost estimates, and meeting compliance requirements, we’re with you every step of the way. We can also assist clients in developing a phased approach for projects to maximize government support and will partner with you to monitor bidding, contract procedures, payrolls, insurance, bonding, and more related to the funding.


C & G’s extensive expertise related to grant procurement and oversight of compliance and regulatory matters works for you.

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