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We're C & G

C & G Strategies is a team of seasoned professionals who are veterans in public affairs and who use their unique backgrounds, bipartisan connections, and governmental experience to benefit clients across Pennsylvania.


We’re not just your traditional lobbying firm. What sets C & G Strategies apart is not the “us” – at C & G Strategies, it’s about you. Our team works collaboratively with clients to put them in the best possible position to succeed. And while there are no guarantees, our professionals have an impressive record of success for clients.


Public affairs is a two-way street. While those relationships can play a crucial role in shaping public policy, maintaining and managing the organization’s reputation by engaging and advocating for interests with elected officials and stakeholders is just as important. The C & G team has the experience, background, and record to serve you and lead you and your organization through what can often be a challenging landscape.

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